Wednesday, 02.02.2011

150 g corn salat; spoiled

strawberry yoghurt; 20.01.2011

creamcheese pineapple-mango; 27.02.2011; packaging minimaly damaged

2x fresh ravioli; 30.01.2011 (three days ago)

500 g buttermilk; 28.01.2011; organic

blackberry curd; 25.01.2011

2x 600g ricotta; 24.01.2011

turkey in aspic; 09.02.2011; no damage

vanilla yoghurt; 29.01.2011

bread spread with eggs and herbs; 25.01.2011

3x 1l low fat milk (1.5%); 30.01.2011

1l buttermilk; 27.01.2011

coffee cream; 05.04.2011; packaging damaged

125g creme fraiche with herbs; 24.01.2011

100g mousse au chocolat; 23.02.2011; damaged lid

75g mixed chillis; partially spoiled

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