Wednesday, 09.02.2011

2x 1l low fat milk (1,5%); 06.02.2011/07.02.2011

2x 1l low fat milk (1,8%); 05.02.2011

pineapple; looks perfect

orange; looks good

clementine; looks good

4 bananas; 3 partially damaged, at least one still edible

2x 250ml hot mustard; 15.01.2011

700g potatoe salad; 31.01.2011

3x 200g herring salad; 03.02.2011

200g smetana; 02.02.2011

450g yeast dough for tart

11x yoghurt, curd, pudding

  • 3x 200g fruit curd (2x blackberry, 1x strawberry); 01.02.2011
  • 2x 250g diet yoghurt (1x stracciatella, 1x cherry); 01.02.2011
  • 2x 150g raspberry cream yoghurt; 03.02.2011
  • 150g strawberry yoghurt; 05.02.2011
  • 2x 122g cherry yoghurt; 02.02.2011
  • 150g vanilla pudding with raspberry sauce chocolate hearts; 21.02.2011; open

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