Tuesday, 29.03.2011

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but since about 1.5 weeks I’m doing this experiment where I try whether it is possible to live without buying any food at all. So far I only bought a bottle of organic wine as a gift.

And just as I thought my experiments puts me on an involuntary Atkins diet, I found a carbohydrate treasure. Luckily I found enough people to share with.

Also, I realized that dragon fruit has such thick skin, even if it looks really bad and almost black on the outside, the inside is still super fresh and juicy. Never turn down dragon fruit!

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2 Responses to Tuesday, 29.03.2011

  1. Kai says:

    Die Tortellini mit Sauce waren lecker :-) Weiter so!

  2. Sarah says:

    Hab noch ein paar Tomaten hinzugeschnitten, war selbst heute noch ein super Mittagessen!

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