Tuesday, 10.05.2011

This time I got caught. Around 6pm.

She:”Are you looking for something?”
She:”What are you looking for then?”
Me:”Well, sometimes you throw away things that are still good.”
She:”Yes, but you cannot take them.”
Me:”No? What a pitty! They could still be used.”
She:”It is our property.”
Me:”Yes, but you don’t want it anymore, that’s why you throw it away, no?”
She: “Yes but if something happens…”
Me:”But that’s my problem, no? It’s not like I’m going to blame you.”
She:”Well, we don’t want this here.”
Me:”That really is a pitty. The stuff is really still good. The tortellini sometimes…”
She:”I know. But our boss doesn’t aprove of it.”
Me:”Really, a pitty. And you can’t even give it to a food bank! I thought at least I could use some of it… ”
She:”Right, we can’t give it to the food-bank, but our boss doesn’t want this.”
Me: Looking troubled
She:”Well, I haven’t seen anything. But I have informed you, that we do not approve of this.” She turns to leave.
Me:”But…so I can’t look anymore now?”
She:”As I said, I haven’t seen anything.”
Me:”Ok, I’ll remember that. Thank you!”

And then I found this. Heaps of cookies and cakes and gummy candy.

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