June Mix

Various non-dived stuff.
The box of candy is from a seminar. The intern of the company is a friend and she said she was going to throw out the cookies unless I wanted them. Well of course I want them!
I used to be an intern there two some time ago, so the seminar teacher used to be my boss. He tends to get fatherly feelings. I told him that I am freegan for over a month now which he then told his friends he was out with for dinner. One of them decided to give me that big aluminium box of asian food. I didn’t quite understand, whether it was left over from a false order or whether they wanted to make sure I would have luch next day… They also left me some of their strawberries. I shared the asian food with my flatmate for dinner and the strawberries were enjoyed by various flatmates and couchsurfers. I should let the sponsors know how far their gift has reached. I will.
That plastic box is for carrying eggs. I got it via freecycle and will use it for the eggs that I often find at the new store. I’m gonna be a pro-diver!

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