Trying to say thank you

In one of my last post you saw a pack of asian food and some strawberries that were gifted to me by my former bosses friends, so basically by strangers. I love the gesture of giving something with no possible return on investment! But I want them to feel how well received their gift was, so I wrote this mail to my former boss so he could forward it. Lets hope that makes those people gift some more :  )


Many, many thanks for the Asian food and the Strawberries. It is an amazing feeling when someone is willing to share with you, even though you can’t really return the favor and you don’t even really know each other. Thank you for that!

It was a Saturday when I got the “care package”, my S-Bahn just arrived at the Potsdam main station, when my flatmate Mathew called me. I’m not even sure anymore what he wanted, but recently he was really seldomly at home. He jets from South Africa to Irak over Russia to England and to Hellsinki. Wenn he is back, I realize that I missed him.

I ask him: “Wait, are you home? For how long? I will be there in about 10 to 15 minutes. Wanna have dinner?”
Him: “Yes, but I have no food here.” (He probably just got back…)
Me: “No problem. I’ve got Asian food. Would you like some?”
Him: “Ah, great, see you in a bit!”

And this is how we got to celebrate a small spontaneous dinner.

The strawberries also came just in time. My guest Tamaki from Japan was delighted. Then I left the strawberries in the kitchen. I don’t know who helped himself, but it could have been my 4 flatmates, their 3 guests, Shawn from the USA, who Mathew knows from Irak, Valo from Istanbul, whom Shawn infiltrated in our flat, because Berlin is “fully booked”, my boyfriend Ben and of course me.

Therefore a potentially 12-fold thank you! :  )

What I am trying to say with this little story: For sure it brought you joy to make a gift. But when you had known, how far this gift would reach, for sure you it would have brought you even a lot more joy. And that’s why I want to tell you about it.

All the best,

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