Tuesday, 21.06.2011

I’m confused. Today home base was open. Maybe they only close over the weekend? Maybe only some shifts lock everything rigurously while others lock the bins in a way that I have access to two of three of them and then others are too lazy to lock at all? Or is it that they think I disappear as soon as I was unlucky just about often enough? And what does this imply for my plan to get in touch with them. Couldn’t that lead to the fact that they close up alltogether since then they know for a fact that I’m there on a regular basis? Plan is, to keep the letter as some kind of ace up my sleeve. I don’t have banana chips yet anyway. And otherwise observe. At least though my diet is secured for the next 2 to 3 days.

Below, by the way, another example of a 100% dive & dine.

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