Sunday, 26.06.2011

And again this experience: I think living freegan I will have a hard time to get specific things that I don’t need desperately but still kind of need. Like a new bra. I have only one that still fits acceptably. So again one thing of the list of stuff I need which are hard to find on a dumpster or freecycle. Ok, maybe I could have found bra’s on freecycle but I thought it weird to ask.
Anyway, my flatmate is having an ERASMUS break next semester and she already packed away some of her stuff, especially clothes. She’s got a lot of clothes. Fortunatelly I was able to offer her in time to take care of the things she wanted to rid herself of. Now I have three new bra’s one of which can be used for neckholder dresses. Awesome! And a purse in a style I have been looking for for years. And a really pretty new dress I will wear for tango dancing. And finally a warm jacket for winter. And some basic shirts. Weird though, that I intended to have less material posessions and I aend up having even more. Well at least it helps me to give away the things I just kind of like but never really wear because now I have sufficient alternative options. Oh well, I’m a girl after all…
Top picture is everything I want to keep or think of keeping, picture below show everything I will give away.

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