Saturday, 25.06.2011. At the yoga festival.

My boyfriend and I went to a yoga-festival. His yoga teacher was there, too. At some point he suggested I should take a yoga course.
Me: “I can’t pay for that right now.”
He: “It’s just a few Euros, especially when you book it via university.”
Me: “No really, I cannot pay anything right now. I’m not spending any money”
We got interrupted, but later he turned back to me:
He: “So you have monetary problems right now?”
Me: “Hahaha, not at all, how could I, I’m not spending any!”

He liked my project and said that in that case I can come by just like that. I think I will accept this gift because I think that yoga might teach me something.

About food. Unfortunatelly I didn’t get a picture from this… Well there were, of course,  stalls with awesome indian food. My boyfriend had planned to invite me for a meal and kind of couldn’t wait to get something. But I wasn’t hungry yet and I didn’t want to accept his invitation just for a small appetite. I wanted to be hungry enough to apreciate his offer. So it came that, while passing a few benches, he picked up an unfinished plate. Just to get a try before dinner. Later, I was sitting in a tent to wait for the next talk, he came back with a huge plate with varieties of food like he had picked it from a buffet. He had realized that there was no need to buy anything cause people were leaving left overs behind enough to feed us both. I still felt invited though, to share this catch. A raw food guy had even given my boyfriend a small bag of apricot seeds, just because he liked the freegan idea. I felt thankful for all that was provided. But maybe that was just that yogaish atmosphere…

Speaking of yogaish atmosphere, it is really inspiring to listen to the talks of super conscious people. They make trivial things like “love!” and “be honest!” sound like the hardcore tasks they actually are, but that they are nonetheless rewarding and essential for personal “evolution” if I may use this term incorrectly. Why is it so different when they say these things? Maybe because you can hear that they actually follow their own advice. To an extend that most people couldn’t possibly follow and they don’t even judge you for that.

Example: There was this woman talking about yoga and speech. Basically just saying that everything we say affects us, thus we have to take care what we say. Trivial no? But just thinking of her makes me wanna be a better person. Another thing she emphasized was to pray in the beginning and end of her talk. To her it is important to create a connection between teacher and student. I think I know what she means. Focus on one another. Focus on the talk, arrive. It was towards the end of her talk when some commotion started because the people wanting to attend the next talk where beginning to move in. It was clear that she was not amused.
She: “I started late.”
That is a very diplomatic first statement to the fact that she was interrupted. A little later:
She: “My time is not over yet.”
Still very diplomatic. She really took it to some level, this speech hygiene thing. But for her next move she got all my respect and that’s a rare event. She asked:
“Should I stop? Do you want me to stop my talk?”
Consider! To this woman it is really important to have a structure in her talk. It is important to her to get her message across and she was interrupted. And now she offered to be interrupted permanently, in case that was what the others needed. In a situation where she was on a stage, with a little crisis that came as a suprise, with over 100 people watching and listening. And still with her third sentence already she came to let go of what she holds dear and wonders, what do the OTHERS need. She gave them the opportunity to not listen till the end but leave her like that. Let her go unfinished. How unselfish, reflected, humble and downright honest. Honest to herself about her own selfish wishes and then letting them go. As I said, respect!
Most people wanted her to finish though. But only most.

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  1. Sarah, I like your perspective on these instants pretty much

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