Some day in June

Wow. At some point it really becomes a habbit. I was just gonna throw out some cat litter when I saw the dishrack. One might expect those kind of things to be broken when they end up in private trash bins, but I checked anyway. It wasn’t broken. And while digging in there I discovered a bag with the huge wale in it. Of course I examined the bag immediately and found the animal bowling figures. Another bag revealed all the little things. The t-shirt is from my flatmate though, he got it at a debating tournament in Beijing.

Update: One day my flatmate Fiona said that we could think about getting a dishrack for the kitchen. “Well”, I said to her, “it just happens that I have one lying around in my room!”
The dishrack turned out to be well received by the rest of the flatmates too, so now it inhabits our kitchen permanently.

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