Thursday 30.07.2011

Do you remember the schnaps advent calender? Ok, I’m sure you don’t, it was among a huge pile of all kinds of shit from the new store and that post was just another, oh-look-what-I-found-today-post. If you are interested: (Right bottom corner, longish looking box)
Today I picked up some stuff I had stored temporarily at my friends place that happens to be right next to that new store. I was about to pack away that advent calender, when she asked:
“Do you want to take the whole thing or do you want to take out the bottles?”
“Uhm, don’t know, I was gonna give it to someone, but I guess I could give it away in parts too. Would be easier to transport that way…”
“Oh, when you have someone in mind already…”
“No, no, I don’t have anyone in mind, just wondering whether people would enjoy the calender more than just the bottles.”
“Well, if you are only going to take the bottles I would like to have some.”
“Oh, of course! Let’s open all the doors now. Do you want odd or even numbers?”
We sat down on her bed, giggling in disgust about the schnaps and getting excited when we got another cherry drink. Great girly fun!
And what did she need the bottles for? She wanted to make an advent calender for her best friend and slip some of the bottles inside… Interestingly that calender also contained 6 pieces that could be put together to that little winter scene you can see on the picture. Snowman, sled, fir trees and a candles. Now this puzzle will be replayed by her friend : )

Also, she left me some of her clothes, so by now I am really well dressed…

At night I went to go “shopping” once more, to make sure to really have enough food for the Fusion. The pasta is great for that and yoghurts also have quite a nice calorie density. And we are going to have quail eggs for my boyfriends birthday breakfast! And peaches. A great day altogether.

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