Fusion III

Another Fusion moment. I was late at night, my boyfriend felt like inviting me to a coffe. We picked up two returnable bottles and a cup which gave us 1.50 € at the bar. Almost my coffee, just that they didn’t have coffee at this bar. Had been waiting quite a while, too, till it was our turn. We decided against looking for another bar and cuddled up in a chillout area instead. I still had those 1.50 €. What to do with them? The metal got warm inside my hand. I pondered this while making a fist holding the money. I couldn’t use this hand to touch my boyfriend’s hand or shoulder or chest anymore. All over sudden the money annoyed me. I thought that an hour earier I felt lighter. Now that I had 1.50 I started wondering what to do with it. What to buy. Should I collect more bottles for a full coffee? Or should I try to get the money for the bus ticket together? Should I give it to someone? For sure it was also because I was a little hight, when finally: I just dropped it. Nor more rambling thoughts about it. My hand no longer a fist but open and free so I put it on my boyfriends chest and listened to his heartbeat.

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One Response to Fusion III

  1. Cassandra says:

    Great sentiment and story. I agree that sometimes our money can shackle us.

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