Fusion IV

We were hiking towards the parking lot. To go home. I still had lots of food in my pack. My dumpster stash was just too big for three days camping. Two of us where way ahead of us. At last we didn’t see them anymore. We were just getting out of a field with knee high, wet grass when we met three guys at their car.

“Hey, we were told that you would have lot’s of food?”
“Uhm, yes…?”

I wonder what kind of joke this is. Did our friends ahead make some weird remark?

“Um…could you… err…give us some?”

They ask us for food? That’s odd…

“Yes sure!”

Turns out these guys weren’t able or weren’t going to leave till lunch next day and had run completely out of food. I gave them loads of bread, veggies and yoghurt. Man they were happy! Sure, they must have felt unordinarily lucky. I mean, what are the odds that someone comes their way with a pack full of food just to unload it in front of them? And I had loads of fun being this highly improbable appearance.

Is there any way to foster this kind of situation? Or do both sides equally depend on coincidence?

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