We walk to subway.
I pick up some beerbottles.

“I turn them in for the deposit.”

“So you don’t live without money after all.”

“Hm. I do have some change when I turn them in, but I never thought of it as earning money as such. I don’t feel like I SELL them, I RETURN them. It’s like finding 8 cents that just lie around.
I decided to do this, because I am going to need things like toothpaste or a new toothbrush eventually.”

“Or you wait until you find them in a dumpster”

“That’s really unlikely though. I guess I could try an alternative, like neem sticks or whatever or make my own toothpaste. I’d really like to have a toothbrush though…”

– what a luxury a toothbrush is, by the way-

“If you want I could give you a toothbrush.”

“Really, how so?”

“My flatmate’s moving out this weekend and for whatever reason she always had various toothbrushes. Maybe for guests or something. Now that she’s leaving she threw severall good as new toothbrushes away.”

“Why the hell would she do that?”

“I have no idea. Do you want them? You could boil them for desinfection.”

“I’d love to! Boiling is a cool idea. Hey, how about this: If you decide to come to the workshop tomorrow, just bring them along.”

“: )”

So far I have used bottle money to buy organic yoghurt to try to treat a yeast infection and to print out a picture for my boyfriend’s dad. Two things that just came up.

But other stuff I had in mind to buy with the bottle joker, it became moot, one after the other. Now even the toothbrush. Seems like I don’t even need my back up. Maybe I should just spend it on other people…

Regarding my wishlist: toothbrush – check

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2 Responses to Toothbrush

  1. When I see that, I remember our bathroom. There is a cup with several toothbrushes. If you like I can sent them to you….

    • Sarah says:

      If you want you can do that, but I think I’m going to be fine with these brushes at least till next spring. But then again, before they are thrown out… But maybe you want to use them for yourself, the boiling thing works really well!

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