Wednesdays, 13 & 20.07.2011

Candles! One can never have enough candles.

Note the honey glas in the second picture:

On freecycle someone asked for cork. He wanted to build some kind of floatable device to feed his bees, a swiming be manger if you will. Usually the one asking for something comes to pick it up, but I was in the area anyway so I offered to pass by. To no avail. The particular number of the street was unfindable. Didn’t have his phone number either.

This was the night:

So back home I figured out the zip code with the street name I had and send him a letter with various corks in it. The postal charge I covered with money from collected bottles.

Some time later I get an email with many many thanks and a package with this glas of delicious “home grown” honey. I almost worship this glas since it is really rare to dumpster honey, so far I had no luck, and on top, it’s just super tasty.

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