I just turned in all the returnable bottles that piled up in my room. 4 Euros 25 cents. The five cent coin is from this year. Shiny copper. There is a globe on it and 12 little start next to the sweeping 5. It is so new and brilliant I can actually see the first four scratches. Curious that this stable seeming little piece of metal can be scratched so easily. I can make marks on it with my teeth. The scratches I can make on it with my pen appear silver from some angle. It appears to me right now like those little figurines I found recently or that tiny little plastic stone. Stuff that is pretty in itself.

It’s kind of weird to hold those 4.25 € in my hands. What do they mean? In the first instance they feel like a lot. I could get new dancing “shoes” maybe. But then again, I was gonna repair them anyway. Initially I collected bottles to buy myself new toothpaste. But I already got some from a friend who got it for free at a promotion. Then I thought of a toothbrush, but a girl gave me the spare ones from her flatmate who moved out and was gonna throw them away. So in a way these 4.25 € are useless. I don’t need them. I’ll put them aside anyway. Maybe I can buy a gift for it, like the 27 cents for the printout of the photo for my boyfriends dad, who had wished to get a picture from us. Or maybe new bikechain oil or dental floss when I run out. But then again, that’s a long time still.

Or maybe get some tea to offer to bypassers on the streets.

Update: One euro of the 4.25 I gave to guy was begging and claimed to be deaf. I didn’t believe him, but what the hell, who knows why he thinks he needs to do do that.

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