blue bag

My friends place. Inside a wooden box was still the vacuum cleaner from days ago and a juicer. Also: A bag of clothes from the new store that I had left for her to look through. The box needed to be transported as well, but right now I was there with my bike, contemplating what to carry with me. Everything stored there I remembered. Except the blue plastic bag. What’s inside? Tea…tea filter….an old towel…oh! some of the clothes I had given to her…single socks…some cool spaghetti tops, skirts….
Does she want me to take this too? Especially those clothes I gave to her were a “might keep”. But some of the shirts seemed really nice. Then again, tea, she’s not gonna keep that, is she? Or is this a last bag she wants to take to Berlin before she leaves? She might want to drink tea there. I call her. No response.
I decide to take the bag with me after all. Less to transport then, when I come back to get the box. Back home another clothes fest. Like shopping just better: The blue skirt goes perfectly with my brown blouse! I picture myself getting compliments in Berlin. And that green shirt just fits me like no other. All those spagetthi tops might come in handy…and coloured tights and panties! I sort everything into keep, might keep, not keep. Leave everything aside on a table though, after all she didn’t say this bag was for me. It was though, wasn’t it? Do I have to return everzthing? Would be a shame for the blue skirt…
My phone rings, she send me a text:
“Hey sweety, I’m at work. What’s up?”
“Just wondering whether you wanted me to take that blue bag. Oh and there was someone who said you are supposed to contact the office. He didn’t know whether you had moved out yet. Maybe the janitor”
“Hahaha, thank you. The bag is my stuff.”
I look over to that table. All neatly unpacked.
So I stole a bag of clothes from my friend? How embarrassing.
So much about resigning from consumerism.
I should try to return it before she’s back from work. Too bad for the blue skirt though…

I am 5 minutes too late. All my greediness exposed. Embarrassing.
But guess what. She ended up giving me that bag anyway. It was stuff she was unsure about.
And the blue skirt didn’t fit her anyway.
I really like that blue skirt.

And all over sudden it hit me: She’s giving me so much and I think I have nothing to offer in return, but that’s bullshit, I have a huge wardrobe full of clothes, it’s just I am not thinking of getting rid of them. And suddenly I heard myself say:
“Hey you know what, you should come over and pick any one piece of my clothes you like.”
She: “Oh yes, as a memory! I’d love that!”

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