I meet my friend at the second store. It’s right next to where she lives and she could use a break from studying for her exam.
When she arrived she began digging enthusiasically as always. Her head almost disappearing. In second-intervalls her arm reaches over to me and I hear her exclaim every single time:

“Oh look at this!”

With every ‘Oh-look-at-this’ I get more excited. I feel like a freakin’ gold digger. Pasta. Cake. Heart shaped rocks with ‘Happy Easter’ on them. A bicycle basket. A shower curtain! (For the shower in the wagon…) Two solar gadgets which’s solar panels can be used to build something useful!
Just to mention a few.
She keeps handing me over things, never getting tired to throw me another happy ‘Oh-look-at-this!’

I come to realize that this day is big. I call my boyfriend.

“Hey! What are you doing right now? This place is crazy! Fe is saying ‘Oh-look-at-this’ all the time and – wow! duvet covers! and I think I cannot – Oh my god! Underwear!- if you have time, would you like to come help us? We have solar panel devices and do you have a shower curtain yet? This is CRAZY. Ben, please bring a BIG bag, something for the bike carrier too, we have cake, do you want cake?”

Finally Fe thinks she got the most of it out, way too much anyway, but I am hooked. I want to find more more more! Just one more ‘What-the-hell-does-this-do-in-this-dumpster’-moment. Just one more suprise. Really, much of it is for the discovery. When all over sudden you are showered with free stuff, in such an exorbitant way that it is unreal. Absurd. Your brain goes blank. I guess I could just throw everything back in when the rush is over, but that would be a terrible waste. It’s probably the same mechanism that makes people go crazy during sales or shopping in general. Just that they keep all the stuff.

People, if shopping is your hobby or what ever, try this: Shop like you are rich and try on or try out everything and fantasise about how your life will be so much better when you have all that and dream of all what you are gonna be when you have all this and imagine you keep everything you buy, be exsessive.
Then have a good nights sleep and recover from your rush by returning every single item the very next day. And reflect upon this idea: You didn’t need stuff. You needed a trip.

So back to this night. Ben arrives just when we are a bit clueless on how to proceed. The floor is covered with stuff. He get’s out a thermo flask with herbal tee, we take the pillow cover from the duvet set as a picknick blanket, ben unpacks a candle that we had found here some weeks ago and places a flower on the “table”. Fe is getting the cake. I pass around fortune cookies. My favorite one:
“You are welcome everywhere.”

We sit, enjoy. At some point the motion detector light goes of. Stars are sparkling like crazy above us. Live’s beautiful when you just let it happen. It comes to you just like that. We spoil it by trying to buy it. Perfect moments are priceless. They are for free.

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