Last thing I have to add to that massive dive that’s now about 3 months ago. 3 months? wow.

Ben and I unpacked at his house (see picture in post below) and started playing with the trash – using the shower curtain as capes and the cooking spoon as a sceptre for instance. I was wearing my new Hannah Montana undies, Ben used a piece of mens wears as a hat.

It was then that Brad came in. Obviously we started to talk about underwear. Brad had always worn regular briefs, kinda uncommon for a guy his age…

Anyway, we got him to try on one of our treasures. They were long like boxers yet tight. Brad was delighted. He said it felt like he wasn’t wearing anything at all yet did not feel naked. He just sat there in disbelief. Disbelief that underwear can feel so awesome and in disbelief that he had never gotten around to try much more than classic briefs.

And then he contemplated, distantly:
“I don’t understand. Why would anyone throw away something that can make you feel this free?”

Yes, why would we?
Seriously, what is this world we live in?

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