Ok, I got a bit paranoid that someone could track back my garden and kick me out, so I will make it a little bit less informative… I’ll change it back when traffic will be low.

Long time no post.

This is a reopening.

Sooo…. did I give up? Well of course not! But I have been diving vary sporadically the last 6 months. I guess there’s just food everywhere… Which is especially true for December of course.

I also wrote some posts which I didn’t get to publish, but I intend to catch up on them. Even though it is kinda against the topicality of the blog format.

But anyhow, that’s not the main news right now.

The main news is: I’m basically rent-free since mid-November.

This is really crazy to me. What’s striking me as the most crazy is the normality that it has for me now.

So what happened?

As you may remember Ben’s dream is to build a wagon to live in. Last summer we, or mainly he was researching for a place to build the whole thing. We were about to move to a neighbouring village, some kind of commune. I wasn’t really into it, to be honest. Too far out, same rent as before, very small veggie garden for 12 people.

Around that time B. wanted to host a yoga fest in her garden. Ben and I volunteered to help with the preparations (another food source by the way). It was the first time that I saw this lush and wild place, just 10 bike minutes away from my flat. I was in love. Something like this would be perfect for our project! B.: “You have to be very precise what you wish for. It will definitely come true, but if you don’t specify enough, there will be a hook!” I have very ambivalent feelings towards such spirituall-bending-to-esoteric expressions, but if you remember the dumpster god (or divine dumpster deity?) you may understand why I started to wish in very precise terms. A garden, like this one, with water all year round (which this one hasn’t) and electricity, no neighbours that tell on us when we live there and close to the town center, enough space for loads of veggies to live on, and, of course, it must be possible to build a wagon there!
My boyfriend caught the drift and started searching for garden plots on ebay and alike. No magic there, ok.

But if you believe me or not, next day we found a plot almost next to B.’s. There’s only one neighbour in between. Unlike B.’s garden we have water from the city, not the xxx, so it won’t be turned of during winter. There’s power connection. Including B. we have x more or less close neighbors, two of whom who live there permanently too. They won’t tell on us. Besides that there’s only parks. Downhill it takes only x minutes by bike to get to my old flat and the city center. And it’s xxx square meters big!

The hook: It’s right next to a xxxx road, especially now during winter it’s really loud. But I didn’t specify my sound needs…

So of course we took it. There’s a small hut on the lot. I moved all my furniture there, we got a wood stove. It’s freakin cold during winter, 4 degrees when we want to get up in the morning. Running water is just outside the house, not right now though, the plumbing froze. There’s no shower and we sh** into a bucket (actually I think that’s awesome but no guest ever wanted to use it so far). BUT: It’s amazing what sheep skin and duck feathers can do for your sleep. My cat loves to go outside. It’s just awesome to get out of one single door and be in a garden. Cookies taste so much better from a wood oven. The ice flowers on the bathroom window are beautiful. And we are allowed to build the wagons (yes, 2 now) there and there’s lot’s of space for veggies! We even planted seven trees already. And I even enjoy the new internet free zone!

For me it is a big step forward to live more independently and more money free. But: I had to invest to get the place. Is this still freegan?

And now I’ll go offline to go back to the hut to have a nice wood-cooked dinner : )

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