This one’s from October and dedicated to my friend Fe.

Hope you get better soon!

It’s end of October. The last time I went for a regular dive was beginning of August. Together with Fe. With her I don’t feel like a thief peeaking and sneaking around. With her I don’t think of geting caught. With her I don’t feel weird for sticking my head into a dumpster, digging through piles of trash with bare hands. So since she’s gone… whenever I think “Well tonight I should go diving” the stores seeme far away, cold an hostile. I imagine them locked or full with stuff I wouldn’ want anyway, like meat salad or lemonade sweatened with aspartam. I admit, when she was there I sometimes thought: “Damn, I wish I wouldn’t have to share that chocolate”, even though she never took her full share. But now that she’s gone I don’t go at all anymore. So I guess what I’m saying is: I miss you Fe! But by now I have been invited to eat by my boyfriend flatmates so many times, I finally managed to make myself go agin to fill up their stash. I’m especially happy about the merci candy. Alex, the new flatmate and vegan was especially happy about the lettuce and the herbs. This morning he said: “I don’t mind dumpstered food. The herbs are amazing! And the lettuce is still really good. Maybe I should come along next time.”
Well, I’d love that!

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