What you see in the picture are 71 sunflower seeds.

Sometime last spring, I was still buying things, I got a little package with sunflower seeds for red sunflowers from an organic store. Velvet queen. Queens. I was going to grow red velvet queens. I placed them all in a flower box. Soon the little princesses sprouted. And it got crowded. One was particularly strong and large for her age. I gave her the best bucket I had for the transplant. She grew straight and gracefull. She was my favourite. The second, third and fourth strongest ones I gave away, as birthday or housewarming gifts. She was my pride. She needed lots of water, on my busy days her leaves hung scarily low. She always recovered. Just when her blossom evolved to all its beauty – it turned out to be yellow instead of red – a small dry spell was too much for her to handle. She dried out. Even though I gave her lots of water then, she kept getting drier. Before I moved her to the compost, I looked at her blossom one last time. I was surprised to find it full of seeds. She managed to die just about when all her offsprings where prepared to sprout next year. I took out every single seed, carefully. And failed to grasp what they imply.

Sunflowers live a short live.
It might be a coincidence that the strongest flower was standard yellow and not red as the package suggested.
There is still a chance of getting red sunflower offsprings even if queen mom was yellow.
A sunflower inside a pot on a winter garden can produce 71 seeds.
These 71 sunflower seeds costed several litres of water.
It took several months to obtain 71 sunflower seeds.
I really liked my yellow queen and it’s quite sad she had to go so soon.
A lot of effort for such a short living companion.
I cannot say it was worth it without something inside me wanting to dissent.
I cannot say it was not worth it without something inside me wanting to dissent.
When I eat the seeds, it won’t replace a single meal.
When I add them to a salad I cannot imagine anyone to appreciate the worth of these seeds, as I would wish them to.

When I plant them I get the chance to have 71 sunflowers, which blows my mind.

If my brain would grasp the meaning of scale as I try to make it do, it would probably explode.

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