On my way to work is a new construction site. The street has turned in two dead ends almost meeting each other. The cars, even the buses are redirected. A taxi drives up the dead end. I imagine that the taxi has been called because the bus doesn’t service this spot any more. Who has to pay for the taxi? Well probably the passenger, but who should? The passenger? What if he has a monthly ticket for the public transport? Why should he be charged twice? Should the city, who causes the construction site, pay for taxi tickets? Does the bus company have to make sure people can still get to the centre by public transport and should they then be entitled to reclaim the money from the city? Is the person angry for having to pay the taxi, just because someone started digging a whole in the street? Is the person frustrated because he thinks he’s entitled to be transported? Who is liable? I start to fantasize: The bus driver is not a paid employee but just a guy happening to have a big car and going to the city quite regularly. He decides to pick up everyone who stands at the street when he’s going into town to give them a lift. Just like that. The neighbours know this, so when they need to get into town, they stand at the curb and wait for the big-car-guy. They say thank you and tell him what’s up. Now for some reason there is a construction site and the guy doesn’t drive into town for a few days. The neighbours know he can’t get through so they are like: “Oh what the hell, I guess I’ll have to take my bike then.” (That’s just because I like bikes better than taxis of course, in my fantasy no-one calls a cab.) I wonder: Would people be less frustrated? Wouldn’t it be nice not to be so prematurely entangled in all kinds of contracts? Never getting frustrated about liabilities and the feeling that one got screwed over and had to pay twice?

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