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Tuesday, 19.04.2011

I think this was after my prey got raided by some people I offered a share, but I’m not quite sure… Advertisements

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Tuesday, 29.03.2011

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but since about 1.5 weeks I’m doing this experiment where I try whether it is possible to live without buying any food at all. So far I only bought a bottle of organic wine as … Continue reading

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Tuesday, 08.02.2011

4x 500g Tortellini with meat; 01.02.2011 “K├Âttbullar” mix; 12.2011; open 250g powdered sugar; open 7x 65ml Yakult; 29.11.2010 400ml lamb fond; 2011 small glass beetroot; 23.03.2013; without labe diet gelling sugar; open

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